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ICYMI: India’s “Thuggish Behavior” against Devas Escalates; Modi Government Seeks Red Notice to Arrest Founder

In an exclusive sit down with America’s Daily Caller, the founder of Devas Multimedia, Ramachandran Viswanathan, spoke out about the Modi government’s campaign of lawless behavior in their desperate effort to pressure Devas shareholders to end their global enforcement efforts.

The interview revealed for the first time that the Indian government has sought a Red Notice from Interpol for the arrest of Mr. Viswanathan.

Matthew D. McGill, lead counsel to Devas shareholders, called the Modi government’s actions a “type of thuggish behavior that we’re used to seeing from Russia, but not from the world’s largest democracy.”

McGill commented that the Indian government’s actions amounted to an “intimidation campaign” and an international warrant for Mr. Viswanathan’s arrest would be manufactured based on wholly fabricated allegations.”

The desperate effort of the Indian government to seek Mr. Viswanathan’s arrest comes just weeks after shareholders of Devas announced a $55 million seizure order.

Read the full article from the Daily Caller here.

Heritage Foundation Interpol Expert Raises Red Flag

The Daily Caller spoke to Ted Bromund, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation and recognized expert on Interpol, who observed that India “commits more abuse than people are aware of.” Bromund warned that “governments can abuse the system to go after political dissidents, including uncooperative businessmen like Viswanathan.”

Interpol is yet to issue a ruling on the request but did reach out to the Indian government in May with more questions about their request against Mr. Viswanathan. Bromund notes the delay is likely because Interpol has “grave concerns” about the request from India.

Read the full article from the Daily Caller here.

Millions Seized by Devas Shareholders

Recently Devas shareholders announced they have $55 million of monies held by the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) that belong to the Airports Authority of India (AAI) and Air India (AI) under a seizure order.

At the time this was announced, Matthew D. McGill, stated, “Devas will be relentless in its efforts to enforce our lawful international arbitral awards in courts around the world. We will not be intimidated by baseless allegations or the Government of India’s efforts to harass award holders through the use of government-controlled agencies.”

Read the full story of the seizure here.


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