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13. Has the Government of India weaponized its judiciary and law enforcement authorities to target Devas officials and investors?

Yes. After losing three arbitration cases, proving that Antrix violated the Devas Agreement and the Government of India violated two bilateral investment treaties, the Modi government chose to weaponize the country’s own justice system in a last-ditch effort to evade the judgments.  While pursuing attempts in the Delhi High Court to set aside the judgments(1) and undermine collection, Antrix, represented by the Solicitor General of India and with the Government’s permission, went before the National Company Law Tribunal to seize control of Devas in India, fire its legal counsel and liquidate its assets – including the judgments.  The Government of India has also systematically harassed those involved in Devas with raids on offices and illegal seizure of documents, detention and prolonged questioning of employees, pressuring people to sign false statements under threat of arrest and illegal doctoring of summonses to cover their actions.

  1. Order of the Delhi High Court. January 22, 2021. Paragraph 2.